Landscape Design

After meeting with you to discuss your ideas and interests, Cougar Mountain Landscape Design owner Sally Brunette will evaluate the site to determine availability of water and light, identify slope and drainage issues and pest and critter problems. We will develop a customized landscape design for your yard that can be implemented immediately by a landscape installer or developed over time as resources become available. Each design includes a complete list of plants with quantities specified.

Landscape Design Fees

Front or backyard $600

Fee includes initial consultation including site evaluation, development of two design options, final landscape design and plant list.

Full yard $1100

Same services as above but includes landscape plan for the entire yard.

Are you ready to get started?


Are you just looking for advice about how to improve your yard and garden? Cougar Mountain Landscape Design will meet with you at your home, discuss what you like and do not like about your outdoor space and what you would like to achieve with the area. We will write up a list of suggestions including plant choices and hardscape options (the inanimate objects like walls, paths and seating) for you to reference as you develop the space at your own pace.